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Saturday, June 23rd, 2018
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Max to the Motherfucking Rinse!! Max rinse is one man.. from Nottingham.. putting a bit of work in.. for a place to call home online…

DJ Max Rinse – Party Pumping – Single – #iTunes #maxrinse

To find the free beats and mixtapes..login and add maxrinse as a friend ..I will post regular “royalty free beats for any use!”

As well as some Classic Old school Hip HOp Rap Mixtapes I bet you have never heard. From Nottingham! Nottingham Mixtapes is the Primary Function Of this Website. Is the streets of NOTTINGHAM,

spice videos , funny driving videos diss tracks mixtapes anything about nottingham streets is welcomed.

This site Function much like facebook with activity walls.. and profiles.. add friends, groups .. upload your music.. add posts to this website.. do articles .. for this website!!

We are looking to employ article writers.. and regular a banger producer for free loops and content for producers.

I will be filling these various roles.. but if of course you think you can do a better job.. I will give you publisher access and be grateful for your input.

Photographer .. students preferred

thats it..

MAKE a profile.. MAKE it SICK… choose your privacy settings, create a group for ya hoods, ya crews.. ya views whatever.

this gives the artists more control.. whether its public or not.. yet.

Upload ya mixtape.. and if you want it selling holla.

Do you want to make T-shirts for

We Will be doing LIVE NIGHTS ALL OVER NOTTINGHAM .. with a RESIDENCY coming also.

Working with Edible Promotions.

I am not a professional working in the industry..


its just the music.. the video.. the people ..that matter..

we have all those elements..

This website.. has the whole package.. in terms of profile privacy.. friends.. upload tracks.. share your upload folders with certain friends.. Check out the activity of the whole website.. not just ya freinds lists.. to grow connections.

create your own groups.. crews.. areas. whatever.. and use this website as a base for all your musical contacts to formulate plans.. collab.. and take over this music business from the gorey gritty streets of your city..NOTTINGHAM MIXTAPES PLEASE!!


Things soon to come Dedicated Video Chat Room 24/hr Face to face battling with online audiences.
Prizes and Events In Nottingham


Nottingham Mixtapes is the Primary Function Of this Website. But to draw a crowd i will be using viral videos

so enjoy!

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